Hello there, my name is Joseph Joyce. An Illustrator and Graphic Designer from the small market town of Chorley in the North West of the UK

I love to make things. Whether it’s dreaming up hilarious comedy sketches with friends, or sketching out political commentary; I have always had an unwavering desire to create. My illustration style originates from an obsessive relationship with skateboarding in my early years. Immersing myself in a rugged concrete playground adorned with texture, banks and handrails has given me the ability to think about things a little more laterally. In my work I try to be as expressive as possible. Using vivid colour, delicate line work and photography to create dynamic, visually engaging Illustration.

Please take the time to view my portfolio. For commissions please get in touch on; jjoyceillustration@googlemail.com or use the contact form. Thank you!

Get in Touch

If you have a project you would like to discuss please get in touch. For updates and news follow me on my social media channels.